Where the Sunlight Falls by Tim Wykes - August 2017


Where the Sunlight falls, across the hills, songbirds in a tree top sing, the wind blows on its path across the fields of Barley, they gently bow their heads to their host, my soul always alive in that scene. A moment to treasure, a time of the pure flow that holds my thoughts that reach up into the sunlit beams that draws a man home to his roots.

For there it has ever been, among the Hedgerow thorns the Cowslip, the Wild Rose and Nettle, the Bluebells and vibrant Gorse, a man's spirit is sown and yet scattered to all he surveys. For the Sun boldens and enlightens the gift of life every waking day never the same scene set a changing paradise of the seasons. Wisher on the wind, never knowing where it should be carried.

You may find me as I walk those humble trails, under the bough of an old Oak tree and I will beckon you to hold for a while, that nature gives her blessings to those who hear her callings, where the sunlight falls, among the canopy of leaves that sing softly while swaying in the breeze there lays my Oaken heart, softened only by the music of life that seeps through the land and through this humble body...

For the land knows her children well, knows this mind well, as this cup overflows in the dreams and life that is given reason and passions risen a heart beating in unison within his field of dreams. I give my love freely as one in unison I wander on till that setting sun shall cast his rays no more and onward  still those horizons cast and shadows set once more and graced in darkness till once more should come the rising dawn.



Tim lives in Brixworth, originally from Spratton and has spent his life in the area. His family in Spratton goes back to 1780.

His writing comes from his love of the land, most of his ancestors in his father's side were farmers up until his grandfather selling the old dairy. But his love of Northamptonshire is in the blood and his spirituality ( he follows a Druidic/Shamanic Spirituality )and very much loves the land.