The Long Run by Chris Walker

A sea of land sown together under the seasons sky
And shuffle, and shuffle, and shuufle, and shuffle.
In search of salted, sweaty horizons,
I reach the footbridge and step up high.
A shark of silence is ripped open and repaired in seconds,
As a train zips by on the tracks below.
This is my, 'Rocky', moment on the puddled  ashfelt,
But the serene discomfort of a quiet conutry road beckons me on.

The junction of Marholm Village - 28 minutes;
Belsize Farm - 35 minutes;
The entrance to Milton Estate - 42 minutes;
Castor Flyover - 55 minutes;
A loop down through Ferry Meadows - 1 hour 15 minutes;
And back the way I came,
Up near Helpston Village,
Of the poet , John Clare, fame.

I love at eventide to run alone
Down narrow lanes o'erhung with dewy thorn
Where from the long grass underneath the snail
Jet black creeps out and sprouts his timid horn.

I love to run o'er old roads without my phone
Where cracked damp tarmac perfumes the air
And mingles with my memories of Grandad Appleton
From the scent of buring coal.

I love to trudge back up the footbridge stairs,
To sort of jog across the top,
And painfully run down the other side without a care,
To reach my family at home and finally stop.
This was created by Chris Walker - March 2018