An April Morning by Tony Lanfranchi

I soar above a rack of clouds
The land below is all quite still
The sun has risen from his bed
And shines upon the hill
The sky is clear and blue
The trees are all in bloom
The cherry pink and maple leaves
Are spread across earth s room
Sparkles of dew an the grass
And birds begin to feed
The bumble bee is buzzing round
And lands upon the seed
The snail his morning journey takes
To see what he can find
A cabbage patch is seen nearby
No time to change his mind
The ducks are quacking near the pond
A dog goes walking by
A bark is heard the fear is felt
And up, they re in the sky
But all is peace again
And quiet to behold
The golden ball it higher gets
The warmth takes o er the cold
And as the day becomes more bright
The air is fresh and clean
Our world is like a heaven
All calming and serene