Anita explores the boundary between the arts, science and natural history, her textiles referencing environmental change and its impact on biodiversity.

Clare, the naturalist, wrote many poems about birds and authentic representations of their song, most famously attempting the song of the nightingale in The Progress of Rhyme. He felt that poetry existed independently of language, as natural as birdsong.

He often wrote on scraps of paper either in pencil, erasing and rewriting, or using his own home-made ink that subsequently rotted the paper. His legacy is an archive of works that is rich in language and in physical character, the text often obscured, but resonant of his own hand.

Anita uses contemporary definitions of the langauge of birds together with Clare's own words, interpreted in asemic text, to explore the authenticity of Clare's belief in nature's poetry without language.



"Pen-scribbled o-er with ink"  Anita Bruce 2014  More information.