Dream Not of Love - Folk Music


George Deacon spent fifteen years as a folksinger before beginning research on the John Clare manuscripts - a task that was to to take him nearly four years to complete.

He has written a book, John Clare and the Folk Tradition which includes all of the songs, music, dances and folk customs that John Clare collected along with examples of his poetry..
George also recorded 17 of the songs from John Clare's manuscripts on this CD all of which are set to tunes that were popular in Clare's lifetime.
This is a collection of the folk music that John Clare knew and which his parents and fellow villagers sang.
The CD costs £10 plus £2.50 post and packing.

The tracks on the CD are:

1.   Here’s a health unto thee bonnie lassie O10. Bushes and Briars                                    
2.   The Week before Easter11. The Maid of the Hall
3.   A Brisk Young Shepherd12. Dream Not of Love
4.   A Faithless Shepherd13. The Banks of Inverary
5.   Mary Nell14. The Winter is Past
6.   O Would I were the little Bird15. Here’s A Sad Goodbye
7.  The True Lovers Farewell16. Bushes and Briars(2)
8.  The Constant Sailor’s Return17. The Maidens Welcome
9.   O Silly Love