The gardens at John Clare Cottage are maintained by our group of willing volunteers. They consist of a herb garden, together with a fruit bed, a vegetable patch, a flowering herbacious border and an orchard.

The plants are varities that would have been around in the time of John Clare. We also have our own bee hive and have successfully produced our own honey which, when available, can be purchased in the Cottage Shop.


It has been yet another glorious year in the John Clare Cottage garden. The volunteer gardeners were particularly delighted to be able to finish off the dry stone walling in the ‘Adam Frost, Chelsea garden’. A working party, led by Richard Donoyou, spent several days fetching and carrying the stones and making cement. It was hard work indeed, but very rewarding to learn the art of laying the stones and to see the walls coming together.

In our ‘Chelsea’ garden during the spring months, the striking blue of the iris sibirica contrasted beautifully against the acid greens of euphorbia and alchemilla mollis, pale yellow aquilegia and white achillea. Later foxgloves, delphiniums and geraniums stole the show. A new honeysuckle was planted to climb over the arbour.

The herbaceous borders in the ‘top’ and front gardens have been filled all seasons with a mixture of colourful, scented cottage garden flowers. Old-fashioned sweet peas, aquilegia in a wide palate of colours, hollyhocks and michaelmas daisies have particularly delighted our visitors. Sadly the roses, both shrub and climbing varieties, have been affected by black-spot this year and haven’t, therefore, looked their best.

The vegetable and fruit gardens have produced plenty of delicious produce for use in the cottage café and with the garden now in a more settled and finished state, we have finally been able to welcome the return of our working beehive.


Cottage Weather for the past month

 July 2017July 2016                                 
Highest Temp30.1 Deg C33.6 Deg C
Lowest Temp8.4 Deg C7.8 Deg C
Rainfall  74.2 mm28.0 mm
Max Wind Speed18 mph19 mph