The gardens at John Clare Cottage are maintained by our group of willing volunteers. They consist of a herb garden, together with a fruit bed, a vegetable patch, a flowering herbacious border and an orchard.

The plants are varities that would have been around in the time of John Clare. We also have our own bee hive and have successfully produced our own honey which, when available, can be purchased in the Cottage Shop.


The volunteer gardeners are now tidying the garden for winter, clearing fallen apples and collecting leaves to make leaf mould, which will be used to feed and mulch areas of the garden next year.

It seems no time at all since our beautiful gage tree was in blossom and the glories of summer were still eagerly anticipated.  The cottage’s volunteers and visitors alike have enjoyed many wonderful days during spring, summer and autumn, experiencing the glorious sights and scents of the garden.  Winter too, of course, will bring its own delights with perhaps frosts and snow highlighting the garden’s shapes and structures, and it won’t be long before the first snowdrops appear once again.

Caroline Desbruslais



Cottage Weather for the past month

 April 2016April 2015                                 
Highest Temp18.1 Deg C20.5 Deg C
Lowest Temp-0.7 Deg C0.1 Deg C
Rainfall  ? mm13.6 mm
Max Wind Speed26 mph28 mph