The gardens at John Clare Cottage are maintained by our group of willing volunteers. They consist of a herb garden, together with a fruit bed, a vegetable patch, a flowering herbacious border and an orchard.

The plants are varities that would have been around in the time of John Clare. We also have our own bee hive and have successfully produced our own honey which, when available, can be purchased in the Cottage Shop.


Now that the growing season is drawing to a close it’s pleasing to reflect on what a wonderful year it has been in the John Clare cottage garden.  Gardeners and visitors alike have enjoyed the delightful weather  which has seen the garden looking its absolute best.  The flower borders have been awash with colour and perfume throughout the season, whilst the recently planted clematis and honeysuckle arbour has proved a great attraction.  The vegetable garden has produced an abundance of onions, runner beans, courgettes and some magnificent pumpkins.  The cottage cafe and visitors’ shop have profited from the garden’s bountiful crops of gooseberries, rhubarb, red and blackcurrants and delicious raspberries.

The RHS (Adam Frost) garden is maturing nicely.  Peterborough Regional College continues to work on completing the dry stone walling and, it is hoped, will shortly begin work on constructing a garden pond, which should prove attractive to both wildlife and human visitors.

Gardeners are now busy gathering fallen leaves to prepare as leaf mould, which can in time be used as a valuable resource in the garden.  The garden will be made tidy for winter visits (but not too tidy as we are mindful of wildlife’s needs for places to successfully overwinter!).  It is anticipated that the beehive will be reinstalled in the garden during the winter months when the bees will be dormant.


Caroline Desbruslais (volunteer gardener and beekeeper)


Cottage Weather for the past month

 April 2015April 2014                                 
Highest Temp20.5 Deg C20.3 Deg C
Lowest Temp0.1 Deg C-0.5 Deg C
Rainfall  13.6 mm18.6 mm
Max Wind Speed28 mph21 mph