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Inspired by places and their people, Kathryn is intrigued by the layers of interactions, historic and current, man-made and natural, that make a location unique.

John Clare had a deep affinity with his local area. He was highly knowledgeable about the plants that grew here and he would often go on "botanising" trips, collecting specimens which he would bring back to his garden. Clare also spoke of finding his poems in the fields, and it is evident throughout his writing that he had the art of noticing even the small details and objects of his environment.

Kathryn's "Found in the Fields" responds to "small objects" that were literally found in the fields and woods around Helpston, in three locations that were special to Clare - Swaddywell, Lolham Bridges and Royce Wood. While Clare used the written word to talk about the things he noticed and valued, Kathryn's repsonse is through collection, photography and ceramics.

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