Emmonsail’s Heath in Winter - Sam Roddan 2014 - More Information.

Sam's practice is an interrogation of contemporary societal narratives and hegemony. Clare's poetry provides evocative visual descriptions, giving a clear representation of the landscape, embedded in "real" nature. 

In contrast to Clare's direct alliance, Sam examines our present-day relationship with nature that has become mandated by technology.

Clare witnessed the enclosure of nature, a nascent step into commiditisation and simulation. The agricultural/industrial revolution engendered urbanisation - where we became separated from the reality of nature. Culture was re-centred around productive trhoughput systems, which have become so large that they cause alienation - where interaction is mediated by technology and the screen. The original is irrelevant, superceded, producing the "desert of the real". In the 21st centiry we ae Nature tourists, voyeurs, it is no longer Clare's everyday experience.