Literary and John Clare Connections



Formed in 2003, Lithouses is a group dedicated to excellence in the presentation of the great homes and museums of British literature.

John Clare Society

The Society was founded in 1981 to promote a wider and deeper knowledge of this remarkable poet. It currently has about 600 members worldwide. They publish a Newsletter every 4 months, and a peer reviewed Journal once a year (received at the end of the subscription year).

John Clare Blog

An excellent John Clare Blog Site maintained by Roger Rowe, provides examples of Clares poetry. Roger has created this site to help promote the works of Clare and it is updated on a regular basis.

The Centre for John Clare Studies
The Centre for John Clare Studies was established in February 2014 in the Faculty of English at the University of Cambridge. Drawing on the participation and expertise of the international scholarly community, the Centre provides a forum for scholarly activity focused on John Clare and related literary, historical, ecological and political subjects.

Rupert Brooke Museum and Society

The Rupert Brooke Society is a non profit-making organisation which exists to celebrate and promote interest in the life and work of Rupert Brooke.

Siegfried Sassoon

A very comprehensive website which is a wonderful source of information about the First World War poet Siegried Sassoon. This is maintained by David Gray who is a historian based in Peterborough.

Edmund Blunden
Edmund Blunden (1896-1974) was the longest serving First World War poet, and saw continuous action in the front line, between 1916-18. His life-long friend Siegfried Sassoon maintained that Blunden was the poet of the war most lastingly obsessed by it. 
His pioneering literary work on John Clare, Wilfred Owen, Leigh Hunt and Ivor Gurney made these poets available to the twentieth century reader for the first time.