Our Friends and Supporters

The John Clare Trust works with these organisations who also support the John Clare Trust and Clare Cottage.

The Wildlife Trusts

Bringing people together to take action for wildlife is the Trust’s mission. We manage 128 nature reserves - all of them free to visit – and 95% of the population live within five miles of one of our reserves.

Bourne Grammar School

Bourne Grammar is a mixed selective school founded in 1636 which occupies a pleasant site with playing fields to the south of Bourne. Retaining its name, uniform, selectivity and traditions the School converted to Academy status on 1 January 2012. There is currently over 1,000 students on roll, with 247 in the Sixth Form. In recent years the School has admitted 150 students each year at Year 7 level, in five forms of 30, but from September 2012 this was increased to 180 (six forms of 30 students), reflecting the heavy demand for our places and our ambition to expand and improve.


Yorkshire Building Society

Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation is the main source of the Society group's charitable giving, which is funded by members who participate in the Small Change, Big Difference scheme.TM   This scheme allows members to donate the pence of their interest to the Charitable Foundation just once per year, which enables it to support thousands of good causes and charities throughout the UK.

The donation to Clare Cottage was made possible by the Society group's Community Investment Fund which supports causes that fall outside the Charitable Foundation's criteria.


British Sugar

British Sugar is the leading supplier to the British and Irish food and beverage markets.  Their head offices are based in Peterborough.

BGL Group

A privately owned company, the BGL Group is a major UK insurance group with 4.6 million customers and 2,400 employees. The Group is very active in ‘Corporate Giving’, and has a theme of ‘Reducing Poverty; Creating Prosperity’. It aims to donate £3m to good causes by June 2017 at international, national and local levels. The ‘Give’ Committee (part of BGL’s corporate giving programme) is proud to support Clare Cottage.

Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling
CCC is primarily a non-profit charitable organisation, offering subsidised counselling to those over 16, who need it but are unable to afford market rates for this service.  The charity was established over 30 years ago and serves 3 main regions, Cambridge, Peterborough, Huntingdon and the surrounding areas.   Traditionally, we have worked with individuals who are referred to us from GP, or who approach us directly for support, providing face to face general counselling on a one to one basis to help people to face their challenges and improve their personal circumstances. Counselling is beneficial for all kinds of people, to help people to identify and take action to manage their own issues, increasing their resilience and allowing them to manage their private lives in the long term.

This is funded by providing counselling services to a variety of local organisations for the benefit of their staff, keeping valuable team members in the workplace and helping businesses to fulfil their corporate social responsibility.